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How To Retain The Best Talent

It is a well-known fact that a company is only as good as its employees. For this reason, companies often spend large sums of money, time, and resources to train employees - only for them to leave and then start the process from scratch. Not only does this result in a loss of resources, but…...
Self-Confidence Before a Job Interview

How to Build Self-Confidence Before a Job Interview

Let’s suppose your CV has been shortlisted for an interview. Congratulations are in order. But before you high tail it towards the interview, it's best to take a second and evaluate some criteria. What's your emotional check-in? Jittery, irritated, scared, hysterical, or desperate? The best emotional and mental accessory to wear to your job interview…...
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How To Not Come Across as Desperate in Your Job Search, Even When You Might Be

Having a job is hard, but not having one can be harder. When you don’t have any financial safety net to fall back on, you may be eager to find job leads and opportunities because they keep up your hopes and help you cope with joblessness one day at a time.  At this point, your…...
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When It’s Difficult To Recruit Staff, Here are 5 Ways You Can Win

Recruiting competent staff can be a challenging process. In fact, hiring is one of the biggest concerns for most company Directors. This is because the real challenge in recruitment lies in finding the right person for the job and the company.    A candidate that fits the bill nicely, has the right attitude and credentials…...
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Red Flags To Look For When Interviewing Potential Employees

Interviewing candidates for potential roles in your company can be a big responsibility. You have to make sure you find the right fit for the organisation by filtering through countless resumes and conducting multiple interviews. After all, finding the right candidate is essential for numerous reasons.    Although recent advances in interview technologies can help improve the…...