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Let’s suppose your CV has been shortlisted for an interview. Congratulations are in order. But before you high tail it towards the interview, it’s best to take a second and evaluate some criteria. What’s your emotional check-in? Jittery, irritated, scared, hysterical, or desperate? The best emotional and mental accessory to wear to your job interview is self-confidence. It is the key to unlocking most of your opportunities at every level of your career path. 

But when you’re about to face a panel of intimidating engineering professionals who could be intent on grilling you for your next job, self-confidence may not always come naturally. It may take a conscious effort on your part to get yourself into a secure mode that enhances your mood and your experience in the interview room. If you’re feeling odd before the session, here are a few tips to boost your confidence. 

1. Review Your Achievements 

Even when you’ve previously worked in challenging conditions and have met nearly impossible requirements, a new workplace will always be intimidating in its way. When you walk into a new building, go through their ongoing projects, or see their teams discussing ideas that you’re unaware of, you might feel small and out of place. Just that one moment of doubt can ruin your weeks of preparation. 

So when you feel small and nervous, it would be a good idea to review the significant achievements of your career mentally. You may browse through your CV, certificates and awards, pictures of your professional trips and success parties, and so forth. This will reassure you about your strengths and skills and will restore the faith that you can adapt to this new environment, too.

2. Plan Some Distractions 

A movie, a book, painting, singing, gardening, or anything else along these lines could help you manage small bouts of nervousness and anxiety. If you feel like you’re about to overthink your way into apprehension, your hobby can distract you from going any further. And if you’re not up for something that involves a lot of activity or moving around, then you can just pick up your phone and call a friend to help you regain your A-game. Whatever you do, just make sure it offers you a cathartic detour from the upcoming interview. When you’re later preparing for your session, you’ll feel much lighter and refreshed, thanks to those few minutes of distraction. 

3. Dress Your Best 


Sure, you probably shouldn’t show up to the interview in a summer dress or wear heavy perfume, but you can still look your best with whatever dress code that workplace permits. If you can afford to coordinate a new outfit and get a haircut, then that’s great. But if you can’t afford to spend much, then you can still try to look your best with whatever resources you have. Some freshly ironed clothes, and a bright, attentive face will help you improve your body language, which will boost your confidence as well. 

4. Sleep and Eat Well 

You are what you eat. You can give yourself as many pep talks as you wish, but none of it will do much good unless you also take care of your physical health. Your sleep and your diet are highly crucial elements in this regard. A healthy meal three times a day, along with occasional dining out, and optimal hours of quality sleep, are an entirely different therapeutic experience in their way. Besides this, you may also spend some time with your family and friends during your regular meals so they can help you feel more grounded and confident about yourself. When you’re on the hunt for a new job, make sure you’re taking care of yourself to prime you for being your best in interviews.

5. Unleash Your Inner Nerd 

If you think your interview might consist of some critical textbook questions, you will feel much better if you’re prepared with some of that textbook knowledge. You can bring out your college books and immerse yourself into some preparatory reading for the duration leading up to the interview. If you have enough time, you may even go for a short online course that’s relevant to the position you’re applying for. 

You may also research tips to nail interviews in the particular company you’re applying to. The bottom line is the Internet has a vast range of resources. From Reddit to YouTube to Slack, you can find a range of content to help you gain confidence in your abilities for the position.


Job interviews can be a nervous experience, or if mentally reframed, can be an exciting reality. It’s your level of self-confidence that will write your story. These fundamental lifestyle changes can help you boost your confidence level to an all-time high so you can impress everyone on your interview panel. 

Alex Cole is a Specialist Building Services Recruiter with Responsum. He’s always interested in networking with Building Service professionals. He loves talking football, is hoping to get on the property ladder soon, and visits Tenerife every year!

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