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Everyone’s Resigning: Here’s 10 Things You Can Do to Keep the Best 

How many times do you see your competitors boast about having the best employees in their team, and you're just standing there, wondering how they end up with so much talent in the first place? Well, let's be real here; the best employees simply know they're the best. They won't be fooled by your average…...
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The Great Resignation: The Aftermath Of COVID – Here’s What Employees And Employers Need To Do

The Great Resignation is real, and it is big. Employees today are leaving their jobs in large numbers after getting the chance to rethink their careers during the pandemic.  This mass resignation is likely to create better opportunities for employees, allowing them to rethink their goals and land better jobs. However, both employees and employers…...
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Not Happy about WFH Flexibility Coming to an End? Here’s a Conversation You Can Have With Your Boss

Before the pandemic, most of us were unaware of just how relaxing, refreshing, and productive it could be to work from home.  Although WFH has been more of a need than leisure, there are a number of workers who've actually become accustomed to the lifestyle and have even found themselves being more productive in their…...
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How to Make Sure You’re Getting the Best Out of Your Annual Review

An annual review is considered necessary for employers, clients, job seekers and employees. This extensive conversation sometimes conducted over multiple meetings gives all parties the full opportunity to evaluate how their relationship has developed over the past year. If they feel there has been a certain lag in some areas, feedback can be given before…...
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Being Flexible Doesn’t Make You A Great Boss, It’s Being Human

Being in an authoritative position means you essentially have no one who will judge you or criticise you. Instead, you have a team that works under your direction and respects your commands. Moreover, they make sure they don't disappoint you in ways that may or may not even be related to work. But what if…...