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One of the most crucial aspects of ensuring the business’s success is making sure that you motivate staff. An unmotivated employee can lead to several different problems for the organisation. Most statistics indicate that 69% of all employees felt like they were putting all their effort into the work. 

That means a significant 31% don’t feel enough motivation to put their all into work. Therefore, all the best managers need to consider different types of ways to motivate their staff. Here are a few techniques that organisations can use to motivate their team. 

Reward Great Work 

An essential factor that contributes to employee motivation is how frequently the organisation recognises their achievements. A majority of employees say that their motivation and morale would increase significantly with recognition from their managers. 

It also makes perfect sense. What employee is going to work their hardest when their efforts aren’t recognised. Why would an employee continue to perform at a high level when their efforts aren’t recognised?

The point doesn’t just end with recognising the employee’s efforts. How they recognise the team’s contribution has a massive impact. Employee recognition doesn’t need to be an annual bonus. Instead, it should be meaningful and frequent. 

Set Measurable Goals 

One of the easiest ways to lose motivation is when the organisation doesn’t define any short-term goals. It can be incredibly demoralising for an employee to work towards a long-term goal with no end in sight. However, business owners and leaders can make things better by setting short-term goals. 

By setting clear goals, organisations can set clear, achievable goals that help boost motivation. Each time an employee reaches a short-term goal, they receive a significant boost of motivation. Likewise, business owners can take things to the next level by rewarding them for completing tasks. 

These small goals act as a good landmark for employees to follow and are highly effective at motivating them!

Celebrate Awards Properly 

Another reason why setting small and measurable goals is so important is because they’ll allow business owners to celebrate the team’s hard work. Some business owners might get carried away and try to reward their employees for everything, but that’s counter-productive. 

While you don’t need to reward every employee, business owners need to tell employees how much they contribute to the organisation. If business owners don’t appreciate their employees, the organisation will lose business and won’t do so well!

Embrace Positivity 

One of the most important things that business owners need to focus on is ensuring that the workplace is an overall positive environment. Of course, nobody believes in an entirely positive environment, and sometimes it’s essential to process negative emotions. 

Some of the best outcomes come from being able to have those tough conversations and process negative emotions. However, if the organisation has an overall positive environment, it significantly benefits the employee’s morale. 

Most business owners underestimate the impact happiness and positivity have on the organisation’s success. A fundamental shift in the workplace towards a more positive and happier environment can improve the work experience and the relationships. 

Stay Fueled 

Most organisations want their employees to work hard. However, if the organisations are functioning so much that they don’t have time for lunch, it will be detrimental in the long run. When an employee feels hungry, it’s tough for them to work with the same level of focus and drive. 

If your workdays are fast-paced and challenging to make time for a proper lunch, a great option is keeping healthy snacks around the workplace. These snacks can help ensure that the employees can refuel without having to waste time. 

While providing these snacks might be costly, the increase in productivity among your employees will more than make up for the cost. 

Even if you don’t have the time to scout out snacks and keep a stock in the office, you can choose to hire an external service. These external snack services can provide you with all the food you need, and you can set up a recurring delivery as well. 

Encourage Regular Breaks 

It’s very difficult for employees to maintain productivity levels and continue working for long periods of time if they don’t take breaks in between! So while it might seem counter-intuitive, it’s definitely beneficial for business owners to encourage their employees to take breaks. 

If an employee is stuck on a problem, taking a break and then readdressing the issue can help provide a new light to issues. 


Ensuring that the employees stay motivated is essential to the success of any business. Following these tips can help ensure that organisations keep their employees motivated and perform at the optimal level.

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Danny Main

Author: Danny Main is a co-owner & Director at Responsum Global. He has over 15 years’ experience matching the top building services engineering talent with the best employers. He has over 100 written success stories. He’s active on LinkedIn, is a host on The Building Services Podcast, and a regular writer on The Building Services Blog. He loves football, talking properties and owns a cat that is bigger than his dog.


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