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Recruiting new building services consultants is a challenging and tedious job. Part of the process involves making the person you’re interviewing feel like your company is an excellent place to work. Hence, it’s important to do everything you can do to instantly make you and your company highly desirable.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of valuable tips to make potential building services engineers love both you and your organisation. 

1. Put the Candidate at Ease

If you’ve ever been given a job interview, you’re likely familiar with the unmistakable nervousness that accompanies it. This nervous tension often makes it difficult for job seekers to fully open up during their interviews. Many interviewees also feel intimidated when walking into a new place to be quizzed by a stranger. Luckily, as an interviewer, you can help eradicate this nervous tension and replace it with a calmer vibe.

So, if you want the interviewee to love you, focus on creating a welcoming atmosphere for them. The easiest way to do this is by greeting them warmly when they first walk in. Accompany your greeting with a polite smile, and you’ll have already succeeded in reducing half of their tension!

Seeing you give them such a warm welcome may put the interviewee instantly at ease. Research also suggests that people who smile often are more likeable than those who frown or constantly maintain an indifferent expression.

Apart from smiling, you can help job seekers feel at ease by offering them a cool refreshment. Stress and nervousness can make a person’s throat run dry, so they’re bound to appreciate the gesture.

Putting the candidate at ease will make it easier for them to talk with and form a connection with you. People who are easy to talk to are generally more likeable, and others are likely to open up to them.

Working within the building services industry can be challenging at times. Hence, it would help if you got the chance to fully understand the applicant’s existing skillset and personality before you hire them. This is why you must make the candidate feel at ease during the interview. 

Once they feel like they can open up to you about their goals, fears, and professional aspirations, you’re more likely to get to see the real them. Plus, knowing that they can comfortably discuss matters of interest with you will make working at your company more attractive to them.


2. Talk About Special Perks

The easiest way to tempt someone to come work with you is by motivating them with special employee perks. So, if your company offers certain bonus structures or other motivating incentives to building services engineers, let your interviewees know right away.

Companies that offer incentives and perks are significantly more approachable than those whose sole focus is to overwork their employees. In the building services industry, it can be very stressful to design the systems needed by various structures. So, by showing candidates that you care about your employees, you can help alleviate some of this stress. This is also a great way to motivate and inspire employees through real-life stories of how these systems have helped the company to overcome challenges and prosper.  


3. Shed Light On Your Company’s Positive Work Culture

A lovable company is one that values its employees and makes them feel welcome within the workspace. If your business is known for its healthy work environment, don’t shy away from letting your interviewee know.

Job seekers are always on the lookout for workspaces to work within. But unfortunately, many offices have a toxic employee culture that can scare away new candidates. So, to make your company more likeable, be sure to highlight its positive work ethic and company culture.


4. Make Your Company Sound Interesting

Exciting companies with unique ideas attract creative, brilliant candidates.

To help your company appear more likeable, brief job seekers on all the things that make your company interesting. You can talk about anything that sets your business apart from competitors. This will give your company an edge and encourage candidates to take a keener interest in your work. 

Popular ways of making your company sound more attractive to job seekers include:

  • Talking about innovative new methods that can help build designs (such as security systems or lighting fixtures) in buildings
  • Discussing positive company values
  • Explaining all the unique features that make your business model stand out
  • Highlighting any awards or significant achievements your company has secured

Final Thoughts

All in all, putting the tips given above into action can help your interviewee gain a deep-rooted appreciation for your company. So, be sure to use them during your upcoming interviews! 

Mohammed Adris is a co-owner & director at Responsum Global. He has over 8 years of experience matching the top building services engineering talent with the best employers. He has over 50 written success stories. He’s active on LinkedIn, is a host on The Building Services Podcast, and a regular writer on The Building Services Blog. He’s a dad of 2 & a petrol head.


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