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Getting your interviews right is one of the key elements when it comes to landing the job of your choice. There is no doubt that interviews can be very daunting for job seekers. However, they’re one of the most critical parts of a hiring process. Sometimes, interviews can single-handedly determine whether you get a job or not.


That’s why it’s extremely important for you to prepare well for job interviews. If done right, they can increase your chances of landing your dream job. Interviews also give you the opportunity to impress recruiters with confidence and charm. 


Job interviews are great for job seekers too. They can help you learn more about the company you’re interested in and the position you’re applying for. By following the steps mentioned below, you can walk into any interview with confidence and leave a long-lasting impression.


1. Do Your Research

One of the best ways to ace your interview is to do your research on the company.  You can do this by reviewing the company’s website and social media accounts. By doing so, you can gain a deeper insight into the company’s culture, mission, and vision, which can be fruitful later on. 


You should also keep an eye out for any recent accomplishments, awards, initiatives, and current events held by the company – especially those that can be relevant to your role. You can find opportunities to reference the information you’ve gathered, as it will give your employer a hint that you’ve done your homework. This will increase your chances of landing the job.


2. Study The Job Description

After scoring an interview, it’s important that you go through the job description once again. This will help you gain a better understanding of what the recruiter is looking for. Jot down specific details and experiences that the company is looking for in a candidate and see which qualifications and skills you possess. 


You can then discuss the relevant traits and experiences you have that match the company’s criteria. This will help you stand out from the crowd and prove to be the ideal candidate for the job.


3. Dress Appropriately

Attire-wise, it’s best that you match your dressing style according to the personality of the company you’re interviewing for. This will help you create a good first impression. You can get an idea of a company’s typical dress code through their website and social media handles and dress accordingly. 

4. Study Your CV

Before going for an interview, you should always know your resume like the back of your hand. The interviewer may ask you any questions regarding your previous positions. Always frame your answers intelligently by highlighting the qualities and skills that helped you overcome previous challenges, and become successful. 


Make the answers as relevant as you can to the job you are interviewing for. If you have any gaps on your resume, be prepared to provide explanations while being honest.

5. Body Language

Your body language plays a vital role in your interview. It communicates to your interviewer whether you are feeling relaxed, comfortable, or nervous. In order to ace an interview, you want to perfect your body language


Experts recommend that you sit straight and lean forward slightly while answering. Listen carefully to the interviewer and try to maintain direct eye contact so you can appear to be confident and alert.


6. Be Prepared with Questions

Always prepare a set of relevant questions that you can ask the interviewer at the end. This will showcase your interest in the job. You can frame your questions regarding the specific position, upcoming projects, or career development.


Asking questions can help you determine if you would like to work for the company. Remember this interview is set up so you can know the company and they can know you.

7. Write A Follow-Up Email

After the interview, you must send a follow-up email. You can simply thank the interviewer for their time and consideration. You can also pen down one or two things that you and the recruiter focused on in the interview. This will help you gain recognition in the eyes of the company, as a follow-up letter can leave a positive impression.

Final Thoughts

All these steps combine to make a secret formula that can help you ace any interview. If you understand all of the strategies and follow them carefully, you will be on your way to landing your dream job in no time.


Alex Cole is a Specialist Building Services Recruiter with Responsum. He’s always interested in networking with Building Service professionals. He loves talking football, is hoping to get on the property ladder soon, and visits Tenerife every year!


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