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When Is a Bad Time to Change Jobs?

Changing jobs can bring a wave of ecstasy. We're talking higher pay, a new workplace environment, and an opportunity for career growth. However, it can also cause things to spiral out of control if you change at a poor time. Try to avoid switching jobs during a recession, or when you’re about to partake in…...
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5 Ways SME Building Services Consultants Can Beat the Big Companies

Being a consultancy in a saturated and competitive market is far from easy. It’s easy to pay attention only to the consultant giants who seem to reel in the biggest fish, frequent the news, and loiter in the limelight most of the time.  As a small or a moderate SME consultant, you can react to…...

How Can You Be Sure Your Recruitment Agent Is Putting You In Front Of The Best Employers?

A recruitment agency is very helpful when it comes to finding jobs, especially in the modern competitive market where connections are everything. Their role in the process is to put you in front of the best employers and help you find your perfect place of work.    However, sometimes it can be hard to know…...

How to Build a Building Services Team That Will Never Want to Leave

As a company executive, you've undoubtedly experienced your share of employee complaints, tantrums, frustrations, and ethical dilemmas. Sometimes, it's the company that's at fault, and sometimes, it's the employee.  Regardless of who's right or wrong (because let's be honest: no one party can be right or wrong all the time), drama, dissatisfaction, and confusion at…...
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How To Make Sure Your Career Is On Track

If you're a building service engineer considering a new job or are tired of your current working situation, getting your career on the right track should be a priority. Even though most people accept the value of hard work and attempt to polish their skills, they tend to not care much about other important aspects…...