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When You Should NOT Consider Changing Jobs

Working a 9-5 can quickly get exhausting. There's no doubt about that. Whether you're posted in an office, or you work at different sites for your company, or even if you keep traveling to other places, mental and physical burnouts are something that eventually occurs.  But should that lead to you quitting or changing your…...
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How To Motivate Your Building Services Employees

One of the most crucial aspects of ensuring the business’s success is making sure that you motivate staff. An unmotivated employee can lead to several different problems for the organisation. Most statistics indicate that 69% of all employees felt like they were putting all their effort into the work.  That means a significant 31% don’t feel enough…...
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Common Reasons why Building Services Consultants are Stressed Around Deadlines

Working professionals are expected to complete their work on time, but sometimes things can go sideways. If you often find yourself needing extra time to finish up projects, or struggle with focusing on the task at hand, don't worry. You're not alone.  Below is a collection of possible reasons explaining why you may be struggling…...
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Is Your Boss Too Busy to Support You? Here’s What You Should Do

Working under a busy boss in building services is never easy. In fact, it can start to feel remarkably frustrating after some time, especially at moments where you're in urgent need of guidance in a work-related matter. After all, without a boss or manager around, who are you supposed to reach out to for help?…...
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Are My Engineering Staff Talking to Recruiters?

If there's anything that working from home has drastically changed, it’s the subtle dynamics of office politics and casual, informal surveillance. Previously, employers would know straight away if there had been a row between coworkers or if someone was badmouthing the new project.  While most office politics are normal and in good jest, having employees…...