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How many times do you see your competitors boast about having the best employees in their team, and you’re just standing there, wondering how they end up with so much talent in the first place?

Well, let’s be real here; the best employees simply know they’re the best. They won’t be fooled by your average job lifestyle and the perks you may offer; there’s always a better opportunity to welcome them.

If you’re really aiming to hire and retain the cream of all potential talent available for a job, then you have to create a strategy that attracts that talent to you instead of having to hunt them down. This has never been more applicable than now, during a new era known as the great resignation

So how can you get to secure and keep the best talent that there is? Here are ten tips to help you out:

1. Research Your Scope

First of all, you need to plan the exact post you want to hire for, its requirements, and how those requirements are linked to your broader organisational framework. How will you finance this post? And what sources will you use to get to the best talent possible for this particular skill set?

2. Offer a Valuable Experience

The best employees don’t only look for a strong salary package that employers often overemphasise (although that has its own importance), but the best ones are also looking for challenges and requirements that allow them to grow as professionals. If you really want the best talent to stick around, you also have to give back something more than a check: you need to let them have a priceless professional experience.

3. Make Them Feel Valued

As mentioned earlier, the best often know what they’re worth. And the minute they feel like you’re taking them for granted, they’ll leave your company in search of a post that offers more respect, value, and recognition. So, while many regular employees can make do with a standard feedback procedure, you may want to spend more effort appreciating and incentivising the best ones.

4. Avoid Micromanagement

There are employers in various industries whose inflexibility and rigidity simply drive away employees. A regular employee may still tolerate a micromanaging, overbearing head, but a creative, free-spirited employee just won’t fit in such a restrictive environment. If you want the talent to stay with you, you should let them feel that they’re free of unnecessary expectations and burdens.

5. Bring Some Innovation

Is your mission statement just one of those run-of-the-mill types with no innovation? No goal beyond capital? No higher purpose? If that’s the case, then no amount of good luck will help you find a genuinely useful employee. The more stagnant your workplace environment feels, the more difficult it’ll be to encourage employees to stay.

6. Assist Self-Evaluation

An employee who is truly skilled at their job isn’t only looking for validation from you. They’re also seeking a self-analysis of their career progress so far. Basically, what this means is that the job you’re offering them is just a part of their more elaborate career, so they need to work on achieving their long-term goals that extend beyond this current job. 

7. Ensure Mental and Physical Well-being

Another way to keep the most wanted employees as a part of your team is by ensuring proper workplace hygiene for them. This means maintaining a wholesome work environment with minimum toxicity, comfortable workplace furniture, as well as sufficient breaks to reboot their productivity.

8. Encourage Workplace Flexibility

One key characteristic of some top professionals across different fields is that they can’t stick to one project or even to one cubicle for too long. They have multiple thought processes going on at any time, and they need full flexibility to keep up their best performance.

9. Trust Their Gut

You trusted your gut when you hired this person. Now it’s time to trust their gut with how they work, what they plan, and how they execute everything. If these employees are acclaimed as the best ones, then there’s no reason to keep worrying about how things may work out. In fact, if you let them explore their own boundaries, both of you may mutually benefit from the exceptional outcomes.


10. Work Ethic

Lastly, the best ones have their own expectations from you when it comes to workplace ethics. They usually demand discipline, tedium, and all other positive attributes of workplace professionalism. Needless to say, it’s super important that your organisation abides by these ethics if you don’t want the best ones to walk out the door.



Ready to hire from a fresh batch? Keep these 10 points in mind to snag the best ones right away. And if you’re looking to add a valued member to your building services engineering team, get in touch with one of our specialists to discuss options. 



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Author: Danny Main is a co-owner & Director at Responsum Global. He has over 15 years of experience matching the top building services engineering talent with the best employers. He has over 100 written success stories. He’s active on LinkedIn, is a host on The Building Services Podcast, and a regular writer on The Building Services Blog. He loves football, talking properties and owns a cat that is bigger than his dog.


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